Sunday, May 30, 2010

NRIC vs Engagement Day..

after an internship, i only had one week to settle up my sis barang hantaran.. so stress at that time because i have to do two things at the same time.. its all started 15 May 2010.. i worked hard to make my sis barang hantaran look beautifully..(in my non-creative way lah..).. but at the same time.. i have to be prepared for National Research And Innovation Competition 2010 a week after that..

15-05-10 until 23-05-10.. working for my sis engagement day because after i went back from Penang (NRIC).. the event will show up later on 30-05-10..

there's not very much to tell.. but for those who don't have wedding planner or relatives that cant help.. you will know how tiring it is to settle things up..enough about that..

on 23-05-10.. i arrived at KUO, UPSI in the evening..meeting my old friends..(not very old but only several months didnt meet lahh..).. so happy and very excited.. the next day.. we're going to a taklimat and after that staying at KUO and went out for a dinner..thats was last memories at UPSI filled up with wonderful moments..

25-05-10.. we went to penang because the NRIC was organized by USM.. i've met so many people and my UPSI team was very outgoing and fun.. eventho at the first time, we didn't know about each other but then, we're so close.. we were there until 28-05-10 and there were so many things that we've shared together.. we went out together.. facing the judges together and supporting each other research.. it was sad when i realized that its maybe the last time that i can be part of the team.. :(

on 29-05-10..last preparation was so stressfull until the early morning at the next day.. but alhamdulillah.. the engagement day was doing ok and everybody was so happy.. hoping the best to my sis..

p/s: Tahniah dear sis.. i knew that u went through a lot all this while.. but the tears went away when the ring is on your finger..

Nota Kaki Hina: Just Go With The Wind And You Will Not Fall.. And Try To Find The Sweetness In That Moment..


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