Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sophie Kinsella.

I have new interest that is reading novels.. hehe.. its not that i dont read novels before, it just that right now, my hobby is to read english novels. i need to improve my english.. i'd said it again.. i NEED to improve my english. that is why i started writing in engliah even my english is sucks.. hehe.. right now.. i'm trying to finish a novel titled Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella..

the novel had 389 pages and i'm on page 170 right now.. i usually read it before i go to sleep or when i have free time especially when my work is done or i cant face my work anymore. i'm kind of addicted to it.. it has interesting story that make me laugh.. the novel is published in 2008 and i've search it before in some blogs that sell used books.. when i went to library last week, i found it and i've decided not to buy it if it is not a great novel.. i think, after i finish it, i'm going to buy it.. :)

look at the picture below an suggest that you should read the book if you like humors and laughters with heartwarming story.. :)


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