Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dalam sebuah perancangan, perlu difikirkan baik buruk, untung rugi bagi membantu kita memilih keputusan yang tidak akan disesali pada kemudian hari..

Someone said "Set Your Goal And Plan".. i started think about my future and plan it 2 years ago..but it just like a wind.. it comes and goes.. but i started think deeply about it during my internship and it still ongoing..

the pros and cons.. the time limitation that i have.. financial support.. job prospects.. etc..

i admit that i'm a simple minded person but sometime i can be sort of a deep thinker.. when i start being a deep thinker, i'm becoming a GAD person.. worry about things that is so simple..

i reset my goal.. :) i plan my stages again.. i'm in a halfway to step on it..

for time being.. doing my job..get experiences with great persons.. and hopefully.. i can be like them one day..! insyaAllah.

p/s: Only You Know What Is The Best For Yourself..

Nota Kaki Hina: Find The Strengths In You.. Hold And Feel It..


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