Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tearing Up Apart..

"nothing can hurt me and make me broken into pieces unless it has to do with my family.. hurm.. hard to explain and getting harder to hold it.. but all i can do is face it by myself and try to figure out what could be the best to solve it..but now i remember, i'm not a problem solver so do not interfere in it.. but its my family though.."

sometimes, people feel hurt when they got dumped by their lovers or their bff betrayed is hurt. however, when it comes to family matter, do u get deeply emotional or just be able to let it go without feeling hurt?..

for those who are family-oriented, they will feel hurt more than anything.. and they will try to solve whatever the problem is and if they cant solve it, they are hurting themselves.. then how to be responsible to our family without hurting ourselves?..

some opinions said that if we're not interfere or didnt try to solve the family problem, you are not being responsible and you're not being part of the family.. is it true?..

so many questions that i have to find the answer when its related to family cases.. its so complicated.. why is that so?.. For me, family is one unit or community that holds many people with different personalities. eventhough we have the same blood type, similar faces, share the same habits or living in one roof, it doesn't mean that we have exactly same point of view, same decision making skills, or same tolerance level.. so thats how the unique family begin to grow and it becomes more complicated if we look in it specifically..

each families have their own problems. its not going to be the same as other families that have same quantity of family members or same age children.. i'm not going to discuss about what kind of family problems that modern families go through. but, i'm going to share some informations that i read on the net about how to be a happy family:

  1. Create and define family values - sometime, the value built up when two people getting married because of the value that they share and it automatically become the family values.but it is good to recreate and discuss with children about what values that they want in a family. the discussion can come to new values that everybody is happy about it.
  2. Lean on others - It doesn't mean that you have to be dependance to others but its important to have support systems that can help you when you really need them. the support system can come from your extended family,neighbours or organisation.
  3. Get together - Don't let the worst tearing up your family. face it through good or worst. when you're facing the worst together, it can bind the family back. try to find joy in every moment and when you go through difficult time together, it can bring your family closer.
  4. Have fun - have fun with everything that has to do with your family. dont structure it or plan for it. let it come naturally by enjoying every moment with it. have fun and get it done spontaneously.

i do have my own family problems but i try to enjoy every moment of it.. i cried a lot but i try to enjoy the tears by really feeling it so that i wont feeling it continously.. whatever happen in the family make me more strong and the bind getting stronger eventhough it has their own scratch here and there.. i dont know what my family members feel about this but it is enough for me to feel it by myself.. we shared same values, we lean on each others when the worst strikes, we do get together eventhough we have issues and we do have fun when its time to have fun.. we give it all out for better or worst.. but sometime the experiences make me feel down a little bit but by rationality, it feels more relieved.. trying hard to be rational and deal with emotions.. it looks like a positive progress accure and the graph is up eventhough only 0.1%..

p/s: family is everything weither its good or bad..

Nota Kaki Hina: When The Emotions Start To Roll, Then Logical Will Fade Away.. Dont Let It Happen By Enjoying Your Day..:)


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