Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Power Of Knowledge..

* Seronoknya dah habis study.
* Lepas ni bolehlah kerja
* Yes! Tak payah fikir+pecah otak study dah..
* Betul ke dah habis ni?..mcm tak caya jer..
* Akhirnya............

agak-agaknya mcm tu ke reaksi bila dah tamat belajar ye? masa internship, mmg inilah ungkapannya bila fikirkan bila dah habis.. macam seronok je tapi sebenarnya.. tak seindah yang digambarkan.. rasa bersyukur sangat sebab mampu tamatkan belajar tapi bila dah habis, xsabar nak konvo sbb ada banyak plan.. mungkinkah angan-angan?.. ohh mungkin juga realiti..

i'm glad i've finished my study and will graduate coming october. cant wait to reach that day.. but there's so much things to do before that.. in the mean time, i'm jobless. i'm trying to get a job.. i had discover how people struggle to get a job..

today, i went to Jabatan Tenaga Buruh but not to be interviewed or something.. i just went to the board that advertised job vacancies.. there's some people also looking for a job .. while i read some of the job vacancies, one guy approached me and he was looking for marketing exec.. if i'm really desperate, i'll just accept the offer but i didnt.. most of the job vacancies required working experiences in related field that i dont have.. and most of it must be interviewed and permanent worker needed.. i was looking for a part time job and if i said this during the interview, i'm not going to get a job.. do i have to lie about it?

i realized how lucky i am today.. eventhough i'm jobless right now but, after i receive my transcript, its easier to get a job..especially in education field.. but i'm not going to stop there because i want to get higher achievements in my life..

so, for a while, i'm not going to get a job desperately.. because i want to enjoy with every moments of my lazy day.. haha..:)

p/s: being a student is more exciting than being a lazy bum.. :)

Nota Kaki Hina: Enjoy Every Moment In Your Life Eventhough Its Not Like What You Want It To Be..


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