Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Mocca - I Think I'm In Love

if you got an eerie feeling after hanging up the phone
sort of happy feeling but you're not sure what it's called

if you're haunted by his face whenever you're asleep at night
and think you hear his silly voice just calling out your name

oh, no! I think i'm in love with you..
on, no! i'm hoping you'll want me too
so, please..don;t let me down!

just can't help but talk about him every conversation
till your friends are sick and tired of that same old crap

if you start wearing make up even when you go to bed
crying like a baby when you hear a mellow song

lirik tu leh menggambarkan situasi jatuh cinta.. ye ke?.. maybe..haha

when i'm in love, i didnt really heard his voice because it sounds like hallucinations.. i didnt see his face in everywhere because its more to delutional.. but i did said his name in almost everything..dia itu dia ini.. until my friends said..haih xde nama lain ker?.. then i lost my friends.. so i didnt said his name no more.. off course i didnt wear make up when i woke up in the morning.. and cried for no reasons..

this song is so dramatic.. but i do agree when she said this phrase - sort of happy feeling but you're not sure what it's called -..

i missed the angau feelings.. BUT there's so many things to achieve right now.. the plan must be fulfilled..

p/s: focus on your life than to others.. sound selfish right..haha

Nota Kaki Hina: Love Is Just A Word Till Someone You Meet Gives It A Meaning.


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