Saturday, June 12, 2010


silence is golden.. its true and applicable in certain situation.. but i twisted it a little bit..

-cry in silence is golden experience-

have you ever experienced things listed below when you cry?:

  1. shaking
  2. tears drop instantly without warning
  3. cannot breathe properly
  4. hit something while crying
  5. cry but you didnt make any sound.' just heavy rain with silence wind'
its really hurt when you experienced the lists while crying. and dont forget, its a golden experience.. i'm not going to discuss how to stabilize your emotions or sharing what i had read today but this post is all about my self disclosure..

i do experienced the things listed above. and its really hurt.. but like i said before in early post, i will give all out in many situations. one of it is while crying. i cried out loud.. its sound like LOUD right?.. but no one knows because i cried out loud in silence.. :)

it takes time for me to cry.. i mean really really crying.. its because i dont want to waste my tears and cry all over again just to satisfied my need of feeling the pain. . i will cry once for the crisis that occured. sometime when one crisis occured and i have more important thing to do, i will hold my tears, stabilizing my emotion and try to put the pain away for awhile just to focus on the other important thing. but once i settle the other thing, i will focus on my emotions and really identify what should i feel at that time with that crisis.. if i should cry, i cry then after that i will make sure that i'll be back to normal, again.. it is really hard.. but alhamdulillah, till now i still can hold back my tears and didnt show it to anybody.. is it sound pathetic?..haha..

its only 5 percent of my self disclosure. there's more that i dont tell here. its not that i dont want to be fully honest to you but sometimes, its better to keep it as my little secret.. that is why treasure hunt is very exciting.. :P it makes sense right?..hihi

p/s: cry if you feel like to cry.. smile, give the sweetest smile ever.. do feel the emotions and you will be grateful in whatever happen in this world..

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