Monday, June 7, 2010

Moody Monday..

Instruction: Fill In The Blanks. Now, I Feel ___________.

1) Sad
2) Dissappointed
3) Stressed
4) Horrible
5) Depressed
6) Nothing

Are all the answers are negative emotions? its not good for you to feel that way. Ohh.. Am i talking to ME?.. yup.. auhhh.. i do feel that negative emotions right now. and it did ruined my day..

its all starting last night. something happened to be missing..its really important.. its not like i cant live without it but it'll do affect my life in the future.. specifically.. affect my career one day..

i'm not going to blame anybody because its my stuff and i have to be responsible with it. i know but i still cannot accept the fact that its missing.. when i didnt think about it, its ok but when i'm starting to feel the lost, the negative emotions will come.

i have solutions to solve it but the lost disappointed me a little bit.. i feel a little moody today but now, i feel more relieved..

sometimes, we tend to blame others when something is not on a track that we thought it would. but we have to be open and start thinking about why is that happen and how to get it back on track. one more thing is we have to understand that we are human being and we do mistakes. in addition to that, we can do whatever it takes to make everything runs smoothly like we want it to be BUT sometime we're not going to get everything that we want.

i'm trying to think rationally and its normal to feel sad about it for a while but you'll be okay after you can face the facts..

p/s: People do mistakes

Nota Kaki Hina: Losing Something That Is Very Important Can Be A Trigger Of A Disaster.. But It May Be A Way To Find Something Thats Much Better..


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