Monday, August 23, 2010


"I should not let the best thing that has happen to me slips out of my hands."

i just love the quote after reading it through one blog.. it can be interpreted and applied in many situations.

1- career - if you have an opportunity to be outstanding in front of great people.. just do it!..

2- family - appreciate them by saying, giving something memorable as long as you got the chance..

3 - friendship - do something honestly in friendship.. appreciate them.. remember important date of your best friends.. etc.. if you don't want them to go..

4 - love - just grab a chance to be with someone that you really adore.. because you wouldn't know what happen next.. if you just let 'the one' goes, maybe you couldn't find someone that can touch your heart earnestly for coming thousand years.. just hold 'the one' heart.. whisper the magical word..
"Cik Abg.. I just want you to know that i would never ever let you go unless you can find someone else that can make you smile and touch your heart more than i do.. i just can't wait to say out loud that I Love You Just The Way You Are.." =)

p/s: ILY


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